Types of Car Racing

If you’re keenly following car racing events, then you probably want to know the car racing types that exist out there. The enthusiasm and speed involved in this sport come with excitement and thrill. Since the first car race, which was held in 1867, the car racing arena has never looked back. Today (as of 2018), the types of car racing have expanded, and there are different rules and regulations that govern each of these types. Let’s take a look at some of the car racing types that rule supreme today:

Touring Car Racing

Popular in prominent nations, this type of car racing is also referred to as full contact car racing, and it is characterised by larger grids and small speed disparity. This car racing occurs on street circuits. Examples of touring car racing include the British Touring Car Championship and Supercars Championship, which are the most famous touring car race championships in the world.

Open-Wheel Car Racing

This type of car racing is all about IndyCar Series and Formula One. Formula One is run on road patches and streets, and it is European oriented in nature. The race involves the use of advanced cars, which have the capacity to gracefully negotiate sharp corners and turns. IndyCar Series, on the other hand, is a USA oriented sport. Although this subcategory of car racing is not as savvy as Formula one in terms of technology, it is faster than the latter.

Sports Car Racing

This is a type of car racing that mostly occurs on closed circuits, and the cars used are usually two-seater automobiles, featuring enclosed wheels. The FIA World Endurance Championship is, by a mile, the most famous example of sports car racing that rules the world today (as of 2018), just as Tiger Woods ruled the golf world during his prime years. One interesting thing that is worth noting is the fact that sports car racing involves covering longer distances, as compared to other types of car racing.

Stock Car Racing

It is most prominent in North America and is run on oval tracks. The race involves deployment of modified production cars. Racers in stock car racing test their skills and prowess by covering several laps. Silhouette racing cars, which are synonymous with stock car racing, run under the regulations of the National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing, or NASCAR. The Monster Cup Energy Series is the premier series that runs under the NASCAR.

Production Car Racing

In the United States, production car racing is also popularly called showroom stock. It this type of car racing, racers use unmodified cars to compete on tracks. Due to its restricted rules, production car racing is known to be the most economical of all types of car racing. The Group N regulation is perhaps the most welcome of all the production car racing rules. However, this rule has no any restrictions with regard to the age of the car. Some of the most popular production car races you may not want to miss include Firehawk Series and Super Taikyu.